VerifSudha was founded in 2016 at Bengaluru, India.

“Sudha” in VerifSudha stands for nectar or elixir. We are here to serve the nectar of functional verification collected over several man years of focused effort.

Our focus is on improving the functional verification quality. Right now we are focusing on improving the Design IP level functional verification quality using constrained random verification approach by enhancing coverage metric. 

As a first step, we have built a stimulus quality assessment framework to answer three questions, which we believe are important and everyone one on verification team should be asking. 

[1] Is the stimulus doing what matters to micro-architecture of your design?  
(White box coverage generation)

[2] Is the stimulus generated aligned to current project priorities? 
(Statistical coverage generation) 

[3] Is the functional coverage model self adaptable to specification evolution?  
(High level specification model based coverage generation)

We augment our verification solutions through consulting and support to help you realise the benefits completely and quickly.

Yes, achieving quality does require going that extra mile beyond “just enough”. We can be your partner in covering that extra mile.