• CURIOSITY is a automatic whitebox functional coverage generation tool
  • Its targeted to fill the gap between the code coverage and stimulus/application driven black box functional coverage

 What value does CURIOSITY offer?

  • Addresses the limitations of the code coverage through automatically generated functional coverage
  • Helps you find coverage holes in your test suite without writing functional coverage
  • Build metrics to tune regression to cover RTL design areas in a way that matters
  • Improve confidence in your test suite

Where does CURIOSITY fit?

CURIOSITY comparision

What are the inputs/outputs of CURIOSITY?



What is effort involved in integration with the regression flow?

  • No change required in your RTL or Testbench code
  • Just include Curiosity generated SystemVerilog code in compile flow
  • Run regressions and review the functional coverage through normal simulator dashboard
  • Simulation speed impact based on the total number of covergroups created

What are use case models?

  • New testbench development where the functional coverage is still not ready
  • For new features in existing testbench where the functional coverage is not ready
  • Quick functional coverage to discover verification holes around bugs found in emulation and post silicon validation
  • Allows utilizing the benefits of the functional coverage early in the project without the time and effort spent in writing it

What are the key features?

  • Whitebox functional coverage generation tool for design and verification engineers
  • Designers can also easily create the functional coverage for areas of interest without knowing SystemVerilog
  • Can easily adapt to changing RTL design
  • Disposable functional coverage, focus where it matters at the moment
  • Does not clutter the RTL design files
  • Bring up time in hours
  • Can work in any testbench that has SystemVerilog support with Verilog RTL
    • Verification methodology independent

Does it completely replace my full functional coverage?

  • No, its whitebox functional coverage
  • It cannot identify if a feature that has not been implemented in RTL design at all
  • Black box functional coverage targeting application use scenarios will still have to be created

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