What is Curiosity?

  • Tool for 3x-5x faster functional coverage generation and closure
  • Plan => Generate => Track => Analyze => Signoff in a common view
  • Debug coverage holes faster and converge faster

 Where is Curiosity most effective?

  • Reduce risk of recurrent bugs
  • Pay back the functional coverage debt faster for legacy IPs
  • Get clarity, no more “what happens in regression stays in regression
    • Spot coverage holes in your test suite without spending lot of time
    • Analytics to tune regression effectiveness
  • Competitive advantage to close your verification goals faster with quality

Are you curious? Try it out. No downloads. No installation.   

Curiosity online test drive
Curiosity online test drive

How to integrate in regression flow?

  • Its hard to belive but no change is required in your RTL or Testbench code
  • Just include Curiosity generated SystemVerilog code in compile flow
  • Run regressions and review the functional coverage
  • Simulation speed impact based on the total number of covergroups created

What are the key features?

  • Whitebox functional coverage generation tool for design and verification engineers
  • Designers can also create the functional coverage without knowing SystemVerilog
  • Can easily adapt to changing RTL design
  • Does not clutter the RTL design files
  • Bring up time in hours
  • Can work in any testbench that has SystemVerilog support with Verilog RTL
  • Verification methodology independent

Where does Curiosity fit?

CURIOSITY comparision